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February 17, 2016 4:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Valiant Seed veterans tiny houses

“All in” is one of the catch phrases our co-founders have. It’s their shorthand for saying they are fully committed to this big dream, and that they will work hard, advocate, learn, dream, and push to make this idea a reality.

“All in” is big. It is expansive. It leaves room for growth and change, for adapting this idea of tiny homes for veterans that will work in Oregon to partnering with other organizations to house homeless vets in Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee or wherever there is a need and a partner who can help us make it happen.

Teresa and Chris are all in — and they are so excited because they are developing partnerships with several organizations right now that will push them further on the path to creating the first Valiant Seed community in Oregon. In the next few weeks those partners will be revealed, and the plans they have for working with us tell us they are “all in” as well.

Tiny houses; permaculture design; holistic living; access to medical and mental health services; organic gardening; microenterprise; we are investigating the best ways to implement our ideas and create partnerships that will not only support the beginning of this community, but that will sustain our community and provide opportunity for the long term.

Valiant Seed is committed to changing veterans’ lives, empowering them to make choices for themselves and providing a safe, supportive community that will create opportunities for them to be healthy and productive members of society. We are all in when it comes to giving our veterans the support and dignity they deserve.

If you are “all in” too, please consider sharing this post, volunteering your skills, talent and time, or making a donation to support the work our co-founders feel called to do.

We are building partnerships that will, in turn, build a better world for all of us.

Are YOU all in?


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