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In our vision for our tiny house community, we are employing permaculture design. A few people have asked exactly what that means, so we thought we’d explain it.

Permaculture seeks to follow patterns and features found in nature and is used in agriculture and social design. You can think of it as a way to build communities that works with nature and employs principles such as use of renewable resources and creativity, and building relationships to encourage growth.

For example, our community could utilize solar panels for energy and could collect rain water from roof runoff. That water could be used to water an organic garden that could be managed by the residents of the community and could provide food for them, or even enough food to sell to others on a small scale (microenterprise).

The population of veterans in this country is diverse in terms of age, background, ethnicity, and types of services they require. In our community, we want to provide each veteran a home that does not have a mortgage or utility bills attached. Once a vet has that, he or she will be able to decide how much they want to be involved in our community, and what resources they wish to take advantage of.

Valiant Seed is committed to providing resources and access to resources for the veterans in their community; everything from access to the Veterans’ Administration for the health care and mental health services that are part of each veteran’s benefits to career and vocational counseling or training, opportunity to participate in the community as they wish, and connections to services such as counseling for PTSD and substance abuse.

Our vision is holistic; by serving veterans and seeing them as individuals with individual skills, talents, and needs, we can build a community that is self-sustaining and supportive, and that allows veterans to recieve what they need as well as contributing to the community.

Valiant Seed wants to build tiny homes — but our vision for helping veterans is BIG. Please spread the word about us, and donate if you can. Your donation is tax deductible, and every little bit gets us a step closer to realizing that big dream.


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