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Valiant Seed veteran volunteers

I love the CBS series NCIS. One could say I am obsessed. I have watched every single episode more than once. And I love Gibbs’ Rules. If you aren’t familiar with the series, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the lead character, played byMark Harmon, lives by a set of rules that he teaches to the investigators he works with. Rule 39 says there is no such thing as a coincidence and I believe it. And this story is one reason why . . .

Since I helped to start Valiant Seed last year, I have had the chance to meet loads of amazingly cool people. One of those cool people is the rock star pictured above on the right. Her name is Michelle and she just finished her doctorate in occupational therapy. Her capstone project was working with veterans in the outdoors, and she was even a guest blogger here last spring. (You can read her post here!) She plays volleyball with my friend Tyler and he introduced me to her via email since we have so many of the same interests. I am stoked about her work with vets and excited to tap into the program that she volunteers with for our clients.

Long before Valiant Seed, I worked in publishing. I met Linda, the lovely lady pictured at left, while working for Wiley about 5 years ago. She worked for another tech company and I was her account manager. We have both left those jobs, but stayed in touch because we really got along. She is one of those people you want in your tribe – no matter how infrequently you connect. She just gets me and I love her for it.

So why are they in a photo together? Well, I just found out these two ladies are sisters-in-law! AHHH! I figured this out while texting Linda last week. She was telling me about the work her sister-in-law does with veterans, and suddenly I realized that Linda was talking about our guest blogger, Michelle. Wow. The connections we make are no accident. Every single thing happens for a reason and sometimes we have no idea why. One of the things that gives me goosebumps about this project are these serendipitous meetings. They renew me, keep me focused on this dream and keep me moving forward.

Rule 39 is true.




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  • Dora Haymond says:

    We at Second Chance Village felt the same way when one of your Skills USA students saw an interview of us on TV and told you about us. When you contacted us, we felt so blessed, learning that both our homeless endeavors share the same goals, use of tiny homes, permaculture, skills training – so much. Just having you reach out to us was as you say – renewing to our spirits and we continue to feel blessed to have met you.

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