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my giving story


A few years ago I got a call from my dear friend Teresa. We have known each other since we were 19 years old, with a gap in the middle where we were off on different Army and life adventures. It is not unusual for Teresa to call me and say, “Well, you might think I’m crazy, but I have something to tell you.”

This call, though — it was unusual. She was different. She was excited, yes (those of you who have met her in person know that she is rather excitable). But she was more than excited; she was passionate. She felt a deep sense of purpose with this idea. She didn’t know where it was going to lead, but she knew it was a BIG idea. We both knew it had the potential of changing everything in her life.

Today, she lives in Oregon instead of Indiana. Our boys, who are the same age, have graduated high school and moved on to other things. She works at a different job. Her entire life is different, and it is mostly because of this crazy idea and the relentless passion with which she has pursued it.

My giving story is simple: I give to Valiant Seed because I am a veteran and I believe in the mission. I give of my time because I want to be part of this crazy idea and be able to say, “I helped to make this a reality.” I give because my friend Teresa is a passionate woman with a can-do attitude and a certainty that this is what she is here for.

If you, too, want to be part of making this a reality’ if you, too, believe passionately that those who defended our streets should not be sleeping on them; if you, too, are committed to sustainable communities and making sure our veterans have the resources they need for a safe, healthy place to live; join us today and donate.

Thank you.

–Jennifer Harveland



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