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Teresa is settled in to her new place in Oregon now. She is still working toward the tiny home community, meeting with local officials, learning more about land use permits and zoning and permaculture and sustainability.

Late last year she met with Operation Tiny Home and they like the work she’s doing. They like our plan, and it looks like there may be some opportunities for us to partner with them, learn from them, and get a jump start toward making this community a reality.

And that’s where YOU come in. Do you support this work? Like what Teresa is doing? Want to make a real and substantial difference in the lives of those who defended our streets and sacrificed so much for this nation?

Make a donation. Share this post. Tell your friends. Set up an ongoing donation – once a month, $5. Give in the name of a veteran you love. Give in memory of a special veteran in your life. Give in honor of your children or your grandchildren or the veteran next door. Those ongoing donations are what is going to push us forward. We need steady income to allow us to plan for some administrative expenses. Up to now this little organization has run on less than a shoestring budget and the sheer will of its founder.

The real work is beginning. We want to move this forward, but we need you to pitch in.

Today, as I was coming to work, I passed a homeless vet, Mark, panhandling in his regular spot in my neighborhood. I have tried to help him connect with our County Veterans Service Officer to get help, but the red tape means things move slowly. The temperature right now in my town in Minnesota is 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

This work is necessary and important. The money you donate will make a difference. It will help us ensure that eventually Mark, and all veterans, will have a safe warm place to sleep. You can make a difference today. Please like, share, and donate.

This valentine gift can help us create hope and restore faith for some deserving folks. Please join us by donating today!




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