The Operation Tiny Home Workshop

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Putting up the walls.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the workshop with Operation Tiny Home and Zack Giffin, and my only excuse for the long wait for this blog post is that I was truly overwhelmed by the entire experience. We’ll have more photos later, but the one here today was taken by the official photographer for the event, Amy Phipps. Thanks, Amy, for some truly wonderful images of the workshop!

The folks involved were a remarkable group – Gabrielle Rapport, the founder and Executive Director of Operation Tiny Home, the entire crew of volunteers and veterans who spent three days working and learning, and the amazing guys from Big Timber Remodel and Construction who served as the contractor of record and did all the prep work that helped the build go smoothly from start to finish. We cannot thank them all enough.

The workshop run by Operation Tiny Home provided an opportunity for veterans and volunteers to learn valuable skills in the building trades, and a tiny home was constructed. In the future, this tiny home will be one of four in the Valiant Seed Veterans’ Village on Cobb Street in Roseburg, OR. For now, it is in storage as we raise funds for the site work needed to prepare for a build and move through the city’s process for permitting.

Our contractors of record, Shawn Richardson and Larry Thrapp of Big Timber Remodel and Construction, ensured that the build was completed in compliance with all relevant building codes. We have secured funding for all four of the homes that will house homeless female veterans, but the costs of surveying the site and preparing it for the tiny houses still need to be raised.

That’s where YOU come in. Please share this information widely. Talk about Valiant Seed. Tell people the story of the inspiration, the incredible partnerships, including with VetNet in Roseburg, Operation Tiny Home, UCAN (which will be managing the tiny home village), and the many other individuals and groups who have supported this dream and helped to make it a reality.

And, if you can, donate. It’s #GivingTuesday, and we are trying to get 100 donors to donate $100 each. That will go a long way toward getting the site prepped so that we can build in the spring of 2019. Veteran homelessness is a huge problem, and it won’t be solved overnight. But this project will make a difference, and we hope we can create a model that can be used across the nation to ensure no one who defended our streets is sleeping on them.

It’s #GivingTuesday. We are grateful for your support. We are ready to move to the next step. Will you join us?

–Jennifer, Board member

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